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Electric OR Non-Electric?


Which One is Best for You?

Ultimately, both electric or non-electric water softeners will provide you with soft water.

However, it is important to understand the difference between them before deciding which best suits your needs.

Electric Water Softeners

These systems are usually single tank systems which use an electronic timer to determine and initiate regeneration at a set time; this is normally programmed for the early hours of the morning when demand for water is low.

Because the regeneration process is controlled electronically, there may be occasions when the softener regenerates before it needs to and likewise, it does not allow for unexpected fluctuations in soft water usage such as when you go on holiday or when you have visitors to stay, this means there may be times when you will be without softened water for a period of time.

An electric softener will require a mains electric supply in order to work and this may limit where it can be installed.

The electronic controllers some can provide features such as accurate water hardness set up, ability to optimise salt settings, show historical data (amount of water used, number of regens etc), and diagnosis information as well as using Wi-Fi technology enabling you to monitor salt usage etc from a smart phone.

Non-Electric Water Softeners

These systems are usually twin tank systems which use a mechanical meter to measure water usage.

The system calculates how much water can be softened and regenerates on-demand when the resin bed is saturated with limescale. A twin tank system provides soft water, on demand, 24 hours a day because whilst one tank is softening the other can be regenerating.

Because a non-electric softener only regenerates after the system has reached its softening capacity, it is lighter on its salt and water usage as well as ensuring, due to the twin tanks, that you won’t have hard water.

Some non-electric water softeners now come with battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled lids which allow you to monitor the salt usage from your smart phone and alert you to top up salt. They are generally smaller than an electric softener and can sit in a standard cupboard and sometimes under your sink.

Water Softener

Kinetico Non Electric Water Softeners

World No.1 in water treatment solutions

Kinetico’s water experts work hard to engineer smart products, to bring you the very best water treatment solutions.

Millions of people around the world look to Kinetico; in fact, users include Buckingham Palace, The Savoy, Thames Water and the Royal Mint, all of whom demand the very best.

Inventors of the non-electric, twin-cylinder water softener

Kinetico invented the innovative, non-electric, twin-cylinder water softener more than 45 years ago and it remains the best system available in the industry to this day! The patented approach to water treatment eliminates the hassle of timers, computers and electrical breakdowns by using water power instead of electricity. Meanwhile, the dual-cylinder design ensures you have a constant supply of softened water, unlike with other single-cylinder systems.

Saves money and the environment

The non-electric Premier Compact Water Softener uses the kinetic energy of water to power the unit, making it both economical to use and environmentally friendly. Our system also monitors water usage and only processes your water when needed, eliminating waste and minimising energy use.

Over 45 years in the industry

For more than 45 years, Kinetico has taken a smarter approach to solving water problems. The systems treat water efficiently, effectively and economically and some customers have had their Kinetico systems for more than two decades! Years of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the water solutions market means Kinetico is a brand you can trust.

Superior performance and warranty

Kinetico systems are built to last, and the Premier Compact Water Softener comes with a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. Some Kinetico products are also fully compliant with NSF and ACS regulatory standards and WRAS in the UK.

Harvey Non-Electric Water Softeners

Made in Britain

Harvey water softeners are made in Britain, using the latest technology. The Gemini V4 has been tested and adapted to be at the forefront of innovation. Harvey has a dedicated team of water softener experts who know the product inside out.

Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation

Harvey Water Softeners has been chosen as a winner of The Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation for 2018.

Harvey Water Softeners are also Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved to comply with current water regulations.

Innovative Manufacturing

Harvey is investing in innovative technology, which includes 3D printing and a state-of-the-art injection moulding machine. They now transform ideas on paper into working prototypes, in just three days and for a much lower cost.

By creating these prototypes and testing them out, they can foresee any future issues with the products and eradicate any faults before production takes place.

Incorporating the use of 3D printing technology into the Harvey production process has positioned us at the forefront of UK manufacturing.

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