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Water Softeners in Holt, Wiltshire

Holt Spa Pump Memorial

Holt Water

Holt is the home of W.E. Softeners. But it is not just known for water treatments (such as softening water) since the 20th century. Holt water goes much further back.

In 1688 a mineral water spring was discovered in Holt. It would go on to be known as Holt Spa. Up to four wells were excavated and the spa became a commercial enterprise in the early 1700’s. The then proprietor, Henry Eyre, claimed that the waters had the ability to cure people of illness – although in 1933 the water was tested and deemed to be not fit for consumption.

But, before this revelation, a spa resort had been established in the 1780’s to provide treatments and offer lodging for guests who ‘took the waters’. Holt faced stiff competition from the more popular Bath Spa, but it’s said that Holt Spa was frequented by lesser gentry who enjoyed a ‘summer season’ here.

People continued to buy Holt Water until 1815.

All that remains of Holt Spa is one of the pumps, and a tribute to Lady Lisle (Lord and Lady of the Manor) who help promote the waters, in The Midlands.

It is sited where a former bedding factory has since been converting into residential properties.

Holt has Hard Water

Holt, Wiltshire is in a very hard water area. Hard water is a build up of calcium and magnesium carbonates which present as limescale in your water. Limescale leaves a mineral deposit on your surfaces and in your pipes or appliances.

So why softened water? Well, we explain that here. But if you want sparkling homes, and efficient appliances you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Softening Water in Holt

We can help you choose a water softener to suit your requirements, as we are an Authorised Dealer for Kinetico and Harvey Water Softeners.

We are a family business who have been softening water for more than 50 years, also providing drinking water systems and supplying water softener salt in Holt, Wiltshire. This includes tablet salt, granular salt and block salt for all makes and model of water softeners. We offer water softener salt delivery or salt can be collected from the large salt supplies held at our showroom on The Common.

Best Water Softener for Holt, Wiltshire

W.E. Softeners offer an extensive range of water softeners. We stock spares and can repair most makes of water softener. Once we have carried out a free, no obligation home survey we recommend the most suitable water softener for your home in Holt.

A popular model is the Kinetico Premier, a non-electric, salt block water softener which removes the limescale from your water. We also stock the Harvey Gemini V4 and Harvey minimax Innova water softeners which use the latest technology and are made in Britain. However, we can also supply electric water softeners and are able to repair and service many makes of water softener.

Water Softener Salt in Holt, Wiltshire

Salt blocks, salt tablets and granular salt suitable for any water softener can be collected from our premises or delivered depending on your address and size of order. Please call for more information.

Water softener salt types and salt blocks for softeners.

Water Softeners in Holt, Wiltshire

Visit our showroom for an in store demonstration where you can also view the extensive range of water softeners from Kinetico or Harvey Water Softeners.

Drinking water systems including the Essentials, Aqua Scale 9000, Aqua Taste 7000, Aqua Guard 7500, the K5 reverse osmosis system, also water filters and cartridges.

Alternatively arrange for a free home visit to include a soft water demonstration, water hardness test together with a water pressure check and site survey for the installation of a water softening system.

When you have chosen the best solution for you, we offer a full installation service to the Holt, Wiltshire area, and when you need to replenish your water softener salt, you can collect salt for your water softener from our showroom or arrange a delivery.

Water Softener Repair in Holt, Wiltshire

Our qualified, factory trained engineers can install service and maintain water softeners across the west of england, including Holt.

We stock spares and can repair most makes of water softener including:

  • Permutit water softeners
  • Aqua Dial water softeners
  • Monarch water softeners
  • Culligan water softeners
  • Avon Soft water softeners
  • Zephyr water softeners
  • Euro water softeners
  • Domextra water softeners
  • Autotrol water softeners
  • Fleck water softeners… and many others.

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