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Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

The Kinetico Premier Compact water softener, with X-P technology, combines maximum performance with eco-efficiency for the ultimate soft water experience for your home.


It has a neat, compact design for easy installation in a kitchen, or utility, cupboard or under the stairs.

This model is best suited for households of up to 3 full bathrooms. For larger properties look at the Premier Plus.

It is one of the smallest, non-electric, twin cylinder water softeners on the market and comes with a 10-year parts warranty.

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No electricity is required to run the Kinetico Premier Compact.

There are no cables, buttons to push, or timers to set and reset. Additionally, the Premier Compact regenerates only when necessary, saving precious water and salt, whilst providing you with uninterrupted soft water – 24/7.

In some areas you can drink soft water, but some people choose to install a drinking water system for healthier and better tasting water, alongside their Kinetico Premier Compact water softener.



There are two variants of the Kinetico Premier Compact to suit the different needs of your hot water system.

High Efficiency (HE) – for gravity fed hot water systems
High Flow (HF) – for pressurised/combiboiler fed hot water systems

Both units look exactly the same and operate to the same high standards.

Size (w x d x h) 219 x 468 x 498 mm
Performance HE HF
Minimum Flow 0.25 l/min 1 l/min
Maximum Flow @ 1 bar 16.6 l/min 33.3 l/min
Salt used / Capacity 0.34 kg / 8 kg 0.34 kg / 8 kg
Time 11 minutes 11 minutes
Volume 20.5 litres 20.5 litres
Operating Pressure (Min/Max) 1.8 - 6 bar 1.8 - 6 bar
Soft water capacity @ 300ppm 430 litres 392 litres

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