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Why Soften Water?


The Benefits of Having a Water Softener

The purpose of softening water is to remove the limescale (which largely consists of calcium and magnesium) from hard water. The most effective way of doing this is to install a salt based, ion exchange water softener.

Limescale can be very damaging around the home so the installation of a water softener brings many benefits such as;

Additionally, you will also reap the benefits of better skin, soft, silky hair and brighter clothing.

The water softeners we recommend are specifically designed to work in the hard water regions of the UK.

Soft Water Saves Money

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Just think what you can do with the time you’ll save from no longer having to:

Look and Feel Great

It’s not just your home that will look and feel better – it will work for you too:

Which Water Softener is Right for You?

Now you have decisions to make – Electric or non-electric? Where to install it? Which make or model is right for our property?

Please read our guidance and advice pages to help you make these decisions.

We are an authorised dealer for Kinetico and Harvey water softeners for the West of England, and we will guide and assist you through the selection process with our free, no obligation demonstration and survey, making sure you receive the best possible outcome.

After all, our customers become our friends, as we build our relationship for many years of hassle-free water softening.

Electric or Non-Electric

We can help you make the best choice for your home.

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